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Most products are 60% less that our competitors, even the big ones, and we are selling the exact same ones.

Just buy one or buy 100's or even a container .load

Start your own business selling pet products, an online store just like this one, sell in your retail store, or at a swap meet or street fair or if you are a distributor interested in adding to your product line and don't want to buy from more expensive suppliers.


Just because our prices are cheap that doesn't mean we skimp on quality, we just save money on things like partnering with the manufacturer, and not buying company cars, expensive offices and we advertise on free web sites. We also get our products directly from the manufacturer who is our partner that makes them, there are no middle men or women, sales persons, representative's or distributors. There's just us and there's only a few of us.

All our products are packaged and shipped in eco friendly simple plastic bags and shipping boxes or envelopes

We are a small dedicated company that only distributes the most affordable and best pet hygiene, cleaning. playing and walking products available, we are located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Klean Pets, Co is a distributor of pet products that offer minimal stress to your pet while walking and playing with a line of leashes, harnesses, toys and hygiene products that will enhance the quality of your pets life.

Klean Pets, Co is the sole distributor of the 
Pet Bidet™  we are licensed to distribute within the continental US and Canada, for other country's please fill out our contact us inquiry form and we will pass your information along to the manufacturer. Our main focus is on healthy clean pets and their owners' regarding hygiene for your pets, we believe properly cleaned is better, that's why we offer products that really work to keep you and your pet safe, you can not think for a minute that what is left behind your pet could be good for you, and it has to end up somewhere, your couch, pillow, bedding, carpet.

Millions of human's around the world use a Bidet to be cleaned properly and now it's time for your pet.