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Answers to commonly asked questions!


Q. Where is best to mount the PET BIDET™

A. Nearest to a water supply and laundry wash tub.

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Q. How high should I mount the PET BIDET™

A. Make sure the PET BIDET™ is mounted at least 20 inches from the bottom of the PET BIDET™ to the top of the counter area you will wash your pet on. If you are mounting the PET BIDET™ above a laundry tub the distance to the bottom of the tub will need to be added. Make sure the hose will reach all areas of your pet. When the PET BIDET™ is mounted onto the wall you should be able to see easily inside the PET BIDET™ water container to check water levels periodically.

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Q. How do I fill the PET BIDET™ with water.

A. Either remove the PET BIDET™ off the wall bracket and fill directly under a tap or use the lid and fill while in place on the wall, you can also use a water jug or similar to fill the PET BIDET™.

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Q. Can I add a disinfectant to the water:

A. You can add a liquid disinfectant to the water after making certain your pet will suffer no adverse problems, check with your Veterinarian if you are unsure, most pets are ok with small amounts of liquid disinfectants, add one drop to a full water tank each time to insure your pet is clean and germ free.

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Q. How do I clean my pet:

A. Place your pet inside a wash tub or similar, face your pet sideways and opposite to the hand you will use to operate the spray nozzle, raise your pets tail slightly with your other hand and start spraying water to the area to be cleaned, lift each foot if desired and spray to remove dust or dirt, use an absorbent cloth and pat down the wet areas, the cleaned areas will still be a little damp but will air dry quickly, if you cannot wait for your pet to completely dry you can use a hair dryer but be careful not to burn your pet.

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Q. How much water does the PET BIDET™ hold:

A. Half gallon/2 liters, enough water for several uses.

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Q. What if I cannot get my pet to stand still while I clean.

A. You may need to use a short leash to keep your pet in place while cleaning, you can also put your arm around your pet and hold in the position you want with your forearm, you will need to do this is a way that you can still reach your pets tail so it can be raised up. In time your pet will know what you are doing and will relax to enjoy the experience of feeling cleaner than ever before.

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Q. Can I use the PET BIDET™ outside on a patio or balcony.

A. Yes, for sanitary reasons you will need a wash tub or similar to put your pet into to insure the water is contained for easy and safe disposal.

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